Virtual Psychoeducational testing.

Virtual Psychoeducational testing.

COVID-19 has finally given us a gift. Due to advances recently fine-tuned after COVID, having a dyslexia or learning assessment completed virtually,  is now routine and  accepted. By sharing screens, the doctor is able to present reading, math, processing, IQ, focus and personality tests. Research and Dr. Eisenberg’s experience all suggest that the results of online testing for dyslexia are just as helpful as in-person testing.

Writing tests and some dyslexia testing have to be done with paper and pencil. Hence, the student will receive a packet via overnight mail to be completed during the dyslexia testing online session. All test data is returned to the doctor’s office in Littleton, Colorado.

If you are wondering how to get tested for dyslexia online (sometimes called a dyslexia virtual assessment or Psychoeducational testing). Tests for dyslexia can also be extended to adults. Many times, a college student requires the full battery of learning disability testing in order to receive accommodations in college. Other times, virtual dyslexia testing is needed for the LSATs, MCATs, SATs or ACTs. 

Should you wish to check if this is a good fit, or if the doctor thinks virtual testing is appropriate for you he or his staff will do a 10-to-15 minute intake via telephone. Following that, a one-hour initial meeting is arranged where the doctor gathers all the necessary background information, going back to babyhood.

Following the initial interview, two 2-hour testing sessions are arranged in which the doctor conducts the battery for dyslexia and learning-disability assessment, including achievement tests, processing tests, an IQ test, tests of focus and tests measuring processing speed. 

In the final meeting for dyslexia testing online, the doctor reviews the results directly with the student and any other interested parties, including his or her parents. In that time, the doctor’s goal is to help the student understand how they learn so that they can most efficiently study for their own particular learning style. The doctor then discusses any accommodations he feels will be helpful, such as extended time for all tests or the privilege of taking tests in a solitary and quiet environment. If additional supports are needed, such as tutoring or medication, the doctor discusses them at this time. 

Dr. Eisenberg has completed over 100 virtual evaluations for both learning disabilities and ADHD.  Note Autism evaluations cannot be done online. Very occasionally , the doctor may feel that a particular child is not suitable for virtual testing.  In that case, the parent is refunded and a referral for in-person is made.

We are finding that teens especially are thrilled to receive a virtual evaluation.  Parents are happy they do not have to make the long drive.  Hence Dr. Eisenberg has completed many virtual evaluations from remote parts of our state.  Don’t hesitate to call the office or email through our Contact page.