Types of Assessments Offered

We evaluate and treat all school-related and behavioral child/adolescent issues. Adults are accepted for Autism, Learning Disability and ADHD testing only.

Learning Disabilities

Tests Administered:

  • Reading Math and Writing tests
    (Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Achievement IV)
    (Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement 3)
  • Processing (auditory, visual, memory, logic)
    (Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Ability and Oral Language IV)
  • IQ to better understand potential
    (Wechsler Intelligence Tests germane to student’s age e.g. WISC-V, WPPSI IV, WAIS IV)
  • includes initial session, two 2-hour testing sessions and feedback session with parents (children over 14 included)

All tests for dyslexia and learning can be done virtually if needed except for those under 7 and those being evaluated for Autism.  Often Dr. Gary uses a hybrid approach .  This might include several virtual visits but the crux of the testing is done in-person

Parents or adult patient meet with the doctor who presents a no-nonsense game plan that might include accommodations for the school (504 or IEP plan), pinpoint tutoring, placement changes, lifestyle changes or how-to-study based on your processing strengths and weaknesses.


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Attention Deficit Disorders

  • Testing rules out other causes of focus issues such as anxiety, dependency, lack of interest, undermotivation, learning weaknesses.
  • Includes initial session, 2 hours testing, and feedback results session
  • Testing includes academic, psychological, personality and focus testing
  • Includes computerized test of focus


Parents or adult patient then have a full hour meeting with doctor so that:

  • Parents can better understand child’s personality and any diagnosis that may apply.
  • Adults learn compensatory techniques germane to their weaknesses.
  • Parenting specific to the child is taught
  • The need for any treatments including medicine, alternative approaches and techniques/strategies.
  • a Section 504 or IEP is planned and accommodations written


All tests for dyslexia, learning and ADHD can be done virtually except for those under 7.  Often Dr. Gary employs a hybrid approach meaning that all but one visit is virtual, but testing is done in person.


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Autism Spectrum Disorders including High Functioning Autism, formerly Asperger’s


  • Testing includes the gold standard of autism evaluation—the ADOS-2 (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule), plus tests of Intellectual Potential, Developmental and Social Maturity plus parent and teacher ratings.
  • Minimum age for testing is 2  1/2 years, or 30 months of age.
  • Adults are accepted for evaluations specific to Autism.


After assessment, Parents/Patient then have a full hour meeting with doctor so that:

  • Parents understand what Autism means and how it affect the Parent-Child relationship. Adults and teens understand how ASD affects them socially and emotionally…and what can be done to improve skills.
  • Parenting that is effective for ASD is taught.
  • Referrals can be made to ABA (Behavioral intervention), Speech and Occupational therapies
  • a Section 504 or IEP is planned and accommodations written. College students receive an accommodation plan.


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The Following Issues Can Also Be Fully Evaluated:


  • Behavior Disorders (including tantrums, oppositional disorder and anger)
  • Children’s form of OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)
  • Anxiety including social anxiety, school avoidance and separation anxiety
  • School Admissions testing, Gifted testing

Dyslexia and Learning Disability Testing Online

Due to the challenges of COVID, having a virtual dyslexia or learning disability assessment online is now routine and universally accepted. The doctor is able to present reading, math, processing, IQ, focus and personality tests by sharing screens. Writing tests and some dyslexia testing have to be done with paper and pencil so the student receives a packet via overnight mail to be completed during the virtual testing session. All test data is returned to the doctor’s office in Littleton, Colorado. You can read more about virtual dyslexia and learning disability testing here.

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