Looking for Friends in Denver – ADHD Can Make It Challenging

Looking for Friends in Denver – ADHD Can Make It Challenging

It has been said that friends are the family we choose. Having a good friend can make a huge impact on your life. Unfortunately, many types of learning disabilities – including ADHD/ADD – can make the process of making friends and maintaining relationships difficult.

Think about the traits that you would look for in a friend. You’d want someone who is there for you when you need it, someone who will listen to you when you need to talk, someone to share the big moments and priceless little things with. The hallmarks of ADHD – including impulsive actions, inattention and, of course, hyperactivity – can make it hard to fill those shoes. 

There are positive therapies that can help adults and children with ADD/ADHD in Denver. But first, you have to determine if you or your loved one has actually has ADHD. 

The Importance of ADHD Testing

These days some people are quick to label both children and adults as having ADHD. Just because you or your child is fidgety or has a hard time concentrating, it doesn’t necessarily mean that ADD is the cause. A professional ADD assessment can give you the insight you need to make appropriate decisions regarding treatment and support. 

According to WebMD, someone with ADHD might:

  • Always be “on the go”
  • Have a hard time waiting for their turn.
  • Talk excessively
  • Be disorganized
  • Frequently interrupt or intrude on others. This often happens so much that it causes problems in social or work settings.
  • Lack focus
  • Have trouble staying on topic while talking, not listening to others, and not following social rules
  • Be forgetful about daily activities (for example, missing appointments, forgetting to bring lunch)
  • Be easily distracted by things like trivial noises or events that are usually ignored by others.

Toddlers and preschoolers with ADHD tend to be constantly in motion, jumping on furniture and having trouble participating in group activities that call for them to sit still. For instance, they may have a hard time listening to a story,” the experts at WebMD explain.

But just because you, your child or someone else near and dear displays one or more of these traits it doesn’t necessarily mean that ADHD is the root of the problem. That’s Why ADHD testing is such an important step.

If you would like more information about ADD assessments and ADHD testing or a learning disability evaluation, please contact the Littleton Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia Center, serving Southwest Denver, Centennial, Highlands Ranch and Littleton.