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Psychoeducational evaluations

Learning Assessment,   504 / IEP recommendations

Autism evaluation including ADOS-2


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Secure Video conferencing available for those near and far

Psychological evaluations

Individual Psychotherapy for Child/Teen  4 - 22



Testimonials and Recommendations

Letters of Recommendation:



Personal Reviews:

"Spot on - fantastic. Would use him again, again and again! He tested my son and not only told us what was going on but helped us as parents understand how to help our son, how he can help himself and what we needed to do for him at school to get those things accomplished. I have nothing but fantastic things to say about Dr. Eisenberg!!! He changed our son's life!" - Heather, 2015

"Dr. Eisenberg was very helpful. The first psychologist I've seen that actually has made a difference. Seeing him has changed my life!" - Allison, 2015

"Dr. Gary developed a good rapport with my 10 year old son....Plus the sschool accepted his report for the 504 program. He helped my wife and I learn how to be firm but nice." - Sam, 2014

"Nothing gives a parent greater pleasure than to find out EXACTLY what's going on, how to deal with it at home and gives DIRECT advise on how to handle it at school. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!" - Patricia, 2016

"Dr. Eisenberg gets my highest recommendation. He has been a tremendous support to my son for the past 1.5 years." - Henry, 2015

"Dr. Eisenberg took great care of both of my daughters - from finding the source of the problem all the way through the solution not only for my girls, but for us as parents and how to instill it at school. All around perfect scenario and nailed r my kids so that I can discipline them more effectively!! - Laura, 2014

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